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Reklāmraksts. HubrisOne Opens Up £900K Investment Round to Public After Rapid 1st Year Growth

HubrisOne Opens Up £900K Investment Round to Public After Rapid 1st Year Growth
HubrisOne Technologies, the UK company behind HubrisOne’s fast-growing
all-in-one crypto current account has just announced a fresh new round of funding to
allow interested customers and investors to publicly participate in this round of
funding which is live on Seedrs. The company has already secured more than 95% of
its target – www.seedrs.com/hubrisone2
The company enables people globally to manage, send, receive, and exchange their
digital currencies all within an easy to use app – they plan to enable bank account
connection in the future to allow users to see their old and new money in one place.

Additionally, users of the app can also:
• Send and receive blockchain-powered payments using a username or email
address (say goodbye to long complex blockchain addresses).
• Securely store and manage over 2,000+ digital currencies
• Cryptocurrency-backed fiat lending
• Integrated cryptocurrency portfolio management
• Trade cryptos in-app with leverage (Coming soon)
• Instantly exchange over 300+ digital currencies directly from the app
• Track, watch and analyse of 6,000+ digital currencies

The company mentions that it their mission from day one “to make it easier for new
entrants to gain access to the cryptocurrency markets using a user-friendly
approach. Founded in late 2018, the idea to create a platform that was easy to use
and innovative, was born.”

In June 2019, the company received its licenses and authorisation from the EU
digital currency regulator to provide services of exchanging virtual and fiat

With over 100,000 users acquired within 6 months of its public launch, HubrisOne is
opening the doors for cryptocurrency investors and traditional investors to own
shares in its rapidly growing business, the minimum investment is £15.00 to own

With this new round of funding, the company is looking to expand its team,
operations, accelerate growth and launch its next-generation proprietary digital
currency exchange to tap into the $50bn+ daily trading volume.
This unique opportunity to own equity and become a full legal shareholder is a first in
the cryptocurrency and digital currency industry. The private round is limited to a
small number of shares before the public seed round is opened to the general public.
Interested investors can buy shares directly from the Seedrs platform here:

Investor & Protection Rewards
It is important to note that each investor that invests through the Seedrs platform is
protected and receives full investor protection rights. Eligible investors will receive
up to £500 in exchange credit rewards to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other
digital currencies.

Invest via Seedrs: www.seedrs.com/hubrisone2
You can download the live platform here: http://www.hubrisone.com

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